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Squeeze The Day | Lemon Suncatcher | Rainbow Maker | Suncatcher Sticker | Window Decal

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Size: 4.5x2.8

The stickers are sticky enough to be placed and re-placed into a different position a few times. The sticker is meant to be placed onto a clean window that receives natural, direct sunlight. When the sunlight passes through the sticker a rainbow design will be visible in the room. The positioning of the rainbow depends on the position of the sun In the sky. It’s possible to get finger prints on the sticker when removing it from the white paper backing. Use caution to avoid this when peeling your sticker off. If finger prints are visible, proceed to place the sticker on your clean window and once placed take a soft cloth and gently rub the non sticky side to rub the finger prints out. Each sticker will have a unique geometric background similar to the photos , please don’t expect them to be 100% identical as the background shape placements will vary.

Original illustration design by Marie at TheMorningNook Please Note - Since every computer screen is different, the colors here may vary slightly from the actual sticker